In studying philosophy, we often study the viewpoint of one individual. The credentials and education, the intelligence and novelty of one individual. Although we study others, learning is followed by personal acceptance, dismissal or questioning. I take many things out of the experience of existing for my personal digestion. Although it may be intended for me to process input in a particular way, I fit things into my reality; thus I often misuse them. I don't feel guilty because I can't help it. This ranslates to the knowledge that I can not control how others process information that I provide.

However, I am willing to share to the utmost extent of the word. I am willing to sell my work. I am a graphic designer. I know that people seek certain things that they do not have and which other people are willing to give away. The business is putting the two together. I am not always willing to give my work away, and others are not always willing to buy it. I work by fitting these two elements together. If I am not willing to part with a work, than I am not finished with it. I am still using it to work feelings out of my head. I need it for reference. However, some of my produce is expendable. I can imitate feelings that are not mine in my work. This is the ability that allows me to put my art at the forefront, and major in art, and work in art, and make money with art. Anyone with technical skill can be a commercial artist because of the technology of today. I make a distinction between a commercial artist and a true artist. I strive to be both. Why not have the materials on hand to do both what needs to be done and what makes me happy? I will sell things that are not mine. I know to make this distinction.

I am an artist, so this knowledge weighs heavily on my work. I produce with the knowledge that I am discarding the flowers from my tree. I do not know if the observer will pick the flower or not, mash it to dye or place it on the mantle, or even simply pick the petals to play "he loves me not.' It is out of my control once I release my work. Virtually no artist can control the final resting-place of their work. At the present time, one can even sell the rights to a work of art. You can place your work in the hands of a second party, who then places your work in the hands of a third party who you will never meet. So I had to ask myself, what is my motivation? Why produce poetry, drawings, song, or dance if it will be placed out of context? Immediately, my question was answered by a question. How can I not? I am an artist; I feel I will always have things on the inside that need to surface. My hands are the channels. I will be ill, and full, if I do not get the things that occupy my head out into my reality. This is for my own sake. I am not a violent person, yet I have aggression. I am not a sentimental person, yet I have strong sentiments. I am not a "crazy" person, yet I have mania. My art allows me to release these emotions and look at them. If I am feeling sad, and write a passage about my day, I can often discover the source of my unhappiness. Once I discover the thorn I can rid myself of it or mull in the pain and work it out. Sometimes working feelings out, or processing them, also involves art. Decisions and actions expressing anger, fear or anxiety are often hard to detect. However, if you are able to frame your sentiments at a particular moment one may be able to go back and analyze oneself. I keep most of my art, especially my poetry, in my possession for later reference. When I feel like I have emotions stored up and am in need of release, I often write. The act of writing usually allows me to come to a conclusion. I am therefore able to reference the feeling I was having at any intense moment in this way. This is one way how my art serves me.

I digress with business. However, this is one of the differences between today and yesterday. The art of today has regressed to commission again, yet the artist has progressed. The true artist now must actively deal with a plethora of mediums, channels, outlets, lifestyles, and personal choices. An artist does not have to exhibit work to be an artist. Exhibition can no longer be part of the definition of an artist because the conditions and implications of exhibition have changed. Art can travel anywhere and be interpreted in any way. It can be manipulated, duplicated, changed, a placed in countless ways that the artist can no longer control. Technique can be faked. Computers can take and develop photographs and abstract them to look like a painting. What is realism next to the photograph? What makes art novel in this day is the fact that it can be an outlet for human emotion. This is one outlet that will always exist. An artist chooses to express themselves by producing. An artist can purge themselves of ideas by producing many forms of ideograms.

My head is full of theory. Not all of it is right, all of it could be wrong. I am not the boss of anyone, so unless I become the philosopher of the 21st century, no one, ceteris parilus, will study my theory. I don't follow rules all the time. I've gotten in trouble for it many times. I never got along with my english teachers. They think I ask to many questions. I think there are too many rules. I could write for days, strait out of my head, but no professor at Harvard would take me seriously because I split infinitives, (whatever that means). That is really okay with me because I have never written for them so they can not reject me. I process information how I see fit and my theories constantly evolve. Art is something I do, so it is only natural for me to theorize about it. Man depends upon rationalization and this leads to the development of theory. Some call it philosophy. So this is my philosophy.


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