Means to an End

The ends being wealth meaning happiness
So we want in on this by means of possessing
Watching how we are dressing on TV,
or is that a window to the street?
2 tone uniforms head to feet
pink white
Yea that’s tight
Walking around looking bought
Possessed by debt and untrained thought
Worried bout what he got and she got
I got, they got
Are they happier than me?
Standing on a street
on a block
in a borough of a city in a state
Of meaning well but ending poorly
Surely something has been misinterpreted
They don’t mean for us to express our worth like this
Seeking possessions by any means necessary
Pretty acrylic nails packing peanut butter and jelly
the 4th day in a row
and Daddy’s new boots don’t walk in the snow
Surely strike one doesn’t mean stealing meter quarters
in childish hope of getting them Jordans
now a self supporting means to another’s ends
free resource pursuing the possession of stuff
but no thing worth more than a thousand bucks
on the lower end of someone else’s come up
Means to and end being wealth meaning happiness
Means like interest on credit cards
Means like deliberate ad placement
Like insurance depending on where you are
Like a database of fingerprints
Happiness meaning and end
And end like jail, and bail
An end like a bike by shooting
Domestic disputing,
like your soul for sale
who’s happy now?
The end.

Styrofoam : People

Make people
small people grow to equals and
You, the sequel
But better
we hope in the dark together
and a round belly is held by three hands
tell me how to weld a family from me and this man
unbreakable, faithful and planned
after we landed on the island
to celebrate the union that fate made
and lay as one
after we flung the white off and the black off
and he got his wife off and we stared at the back of
premarital sex
cohabitance and what to expect
for the rest of our co-existence
we lay in the dark
and question the bridge
over which we are about to embark
what’s his and mine and where is the line
has it gotten so fine it can disappear
we’re really together now
I hear him call me his girlfriend
The others end and I want to spend
Every day with him
He adores the way I walk
And when he talks I want him more
He watches me eat and I complete his sentences
That scent of his drives me crazy
The haze lifted when we kissed
And kissed in the dark
After he insisted he park
and walk me to my door
when we couldn’t talk anymore
and we shouldn’t have till 4
in the morning those nights
just to doze off on the phone
feeling not so alone
Seven digits on a Styrofoam coaster


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